Friday, February 6, 2009

Ode to Liver

Liver is one of the most important organs in the body, without it we will simply die. You can hear everybody talking about heart and how important it is, the truth is heart doesn’t do as much as liver does. All heart does is pumps blood, liver on the other hand keeps our body clean, stores nutrients, helps in digestion and much more. We drink alcohol, liver is there to protect us from the alcohol, we smoke, liver is there to get those chemicals out of the system, we eat too much vitamin A or iron and liver takes all the extra out of the blood and keeps it until we need it later in life. We didn’t eat enough and have very little glucose left in the blood, liver is releasing extra glucose. We need to patch up our blood vessels liver releases cholesterol to help us with that too. We eat a stake, liver produces bile to digest all this fat we got from the stake. Liver even helps us build new blood cells. Can heart ever do so many things at once? There are machines that can replace heart and pump blood for us, no machine can do all of the things our liver does for us.

Naturally after doing all this work, liver wears out and has to rebuild itself. Liver can rebuild it’s damaged cells very fast, faster then any other organ. Unfortunately many of us make liver work so hard that it can’t regenerate fast enough. Alcoholism is one of many things that can overwork our liver, it overworks it so much that it can no longer do all the work it used to and will slowly start dying. Alcohol is not the only thing harmful for the liver, many medications can cause liver failure as well. Have you ever watch a commercial of some medication or read a label on the medication and saw in contraindication that people with liver failure can not take this medication? This is a good way to tell that this medication can damage liver.

What can you do to prevent liver damage? Stop ingesting things that will hurt your liver, simple as that. If you are taking prescription medications, make sure they are not harmful for the liver, limit alcohol intake, once in a while is not a problem, liver can handle it, drinking almost everyday can really hurt. Eat organic food, chemicals in non organic foods can damage liver. Don’t smoke, chemicals we inhale and killing our liver.

What can you do when your liver is already damaged? You need to minimize additional damage. First thing is a diet: there should be no fried food, very small amounts of fat, no alcohol, and a lot of fluids. This diet will help minimize the workload liver has to do and will give it more time to regenerate; fluid will help wash away extra toxins and will get the toxins out with the urine and sweat. Second thing, use supplements that speed up cell regeneration, one of these supplements is CoQ10. CoQ10 can help regenerate all body cells including liver cells. Once your liver is back to normal, you can start eating fried and fatty foods, but try to limit yourself, don’t let it get to the point where your liver can no longer do it’s job. I would advice to continue taking CoQ10 for a few months after your liver is back to where it was, it will prevent future problems.

Liver helps you greatly, help your liver help you. Keep it healthy, keep it working!

PS: this topic was suggested to me by one of the readers. Thank you for reminding me about such an important topic. I hope this information will help. I’ll try to find more supplements that can help with liver disease and will post about it in the near future.